The door industry is on FIRE this summer! Buildings are being constructed across this great nation of ours, keeping everyone nice and busy.

It’s easy to get complacent with sales & marketing when business is good. But if you wait until things slow down, it’s already too late.

Now’s a good time to take care of the low hanging fruit, and here are couple places to start:


Think about your top customers — your #1 fans — and why they love doing business with you.

I asked a couple door industry rock stars that same question and here’s what they said:

“We don’t view ourselves as a distributor; we go way beyond just supplying products. We take 100% ownership of our customers’ scope with end-to-end service from consulting to installation and ongoing services.”
– Ron Couch, President & CEO, Central Indiana Hardware

“We rock at highly-complicated projects. Most of our guys have been here 10-20 years, so we excel at complex projects like airports and schools with lots of custom hollow metal.”
– Johnny Wilson, President, Montgomery Hardware Co.

What’s your company’s “it factor”? It doesn’t mean you can’t do other things, but what type of projects make you think, “Oh baby, this is right down our alley!

Now, put that core strength front & center on your homepage! Within five seconds of landing on your site, people should know who you are and why you’re different and it will attract the right customers, like Winnie the Pooh to a tub of honey!


Two-thirds of people click the first three results in search engines. Only 4% of searchers click the 5th website listed.

Let’s use this info to your advantage. Start by using one of the many SEO tools to find search terms where your website is ALMOST ranked in the top 3. These are phrases where Google already likes you, but just needs a little kick in the pants to get you into the top 3.

For example, let’s say your website is the 5th listing in Google for “hardware distributors in Dallas”.  Now target the heck out of that phrase on your website — maybe even add a page all about why you’re a great hardware distributor in Dallas. If Google bumps up your website from 5th to 2nd for that phrase, congrats!  Your website traffic for that phrase just went up 4x.

The two tips above will drive more people to your website, and then showcase why you’re a rock star once they get there.