5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Website


When you’re looking through your vacation photos, do you just skip through all the scenic shots and look at the pictures with people? Most folks do.

The same applies to websites, and there’s plenty of heatmap data to support it. Moreover, people want to do business with people. Websites without people make your business seem like a faceless corporation.

There’s also a sneaky trick you can use with people photos: have them look at what you want your visitors to read. Check out the heatmap comparisons below of how where the baby is looking affects visitors’ behavior.

heatmap of website with baby making forward eye contact Baby looks at camera → people look at baby
heatmap of website with baby facing key website text Baby looks at text → people look at text






“Buy now”
“Call us for a free consultation”
“Request a quote”

It’s no secret that call-to-action buttons work. Yet they still aren’t used very effectively most of the time. The key is to only have one per page so it draws attention like a bullseye.

You want your call-to-action buttons to stand out, but not clash. Let me introduce you to every designer’s buddy: the color wheel. Colors opposite each other go together well.

color wheel with arrows connecting complimentary colors

Your call-to-action buttons should be either the same color as your logo or the color that’s opposite of your logo on the color wheel.  So if your logo is red, try out a red or green button. If your logo is dark blue like mine, then try out an orange button.


Make a habit out of collecting testimonials from happy customers. If you ever get a nice email about a job well done, just respond, “Thank you so much! Do you mind if I add that to my website?”  Everyone says yes.

As weird as it sounds, the right way to use testimonials is not to have a Testimonials page. People aren’t interested in a bunch of carefully curated congratulatory quotes.

Instead, place a testimonial or two on your specific product or service pages. That way there will be a natural flow from product information into someone saying how great it is. That is so much more effective than just listing a ton of quotes all on one page.


Ask any SEO service provider and they’ll tell you that content is king when it comes to getting ranked in search engines. Specifically, Google likes pages with at least 200 words. Why do you think this post is so long?

If you’re not sure what to write about, just ask your sales team what questions they are asked the most.  That’s a perfect place to start.


Overly busy websites stress me out. They’re like the digital versions of hoarders.

It’s okay – ideal actually – to have plenty of text, but keep your paragraphs short.  And when it comes to visuals, it’s all about quality over quantity. A few great photos and one call to action button are infinitely better than a having pictures and links all over the place.

screenshot of a very cluttered site in blue and orange         streamlined website in blues and purples

To ensure you don’t give your customers heartburn, make sure your website looks more like the second one than the first one.